Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Weeks: What is our Takeaway?

The whole of 2020 didn’t offer much in terms of fashion and style. However, it did end on a pretty good note in terms of fashion trends.

Fashion weeks saw some really cool statement pieces that went ahead to become style parameters for the year. As chic and boho these trends are, they are very easily incorporable in your fashion diaries.  

From Paris to Milan, here are some really cool inspirational ideas spotted at SS21 Fashion Weeks that you must try.

1. Black Face Masks

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While fashion is mandatory, we cannot forget that we are amidst a global pandemic. This makes it integral to wear a face mask. And what’s better to add an element of style in these masks?

Black featured as a commonly chosen colour for masks as it can be paired with anything. Rock it with a trench coat or a suit, it’s sure to provide protection as well as make a fashion statement.

You can choose a silk mask to ensure that it’s breathable yet up-to-the-mark. Such masks are readily available on fashion portals like Myntra or Ajio.

2.  Boyfriend Jackets

Oversized shoulder pad jackets are making their way right from the 80s to these fashion weeks. While Zara has been marketing such jackets since a really long time, the sales of such pieces have increased drastically.

Pastel and neutral jackets have been a popular choice. To create your own chic look, you can easily pair it with straight trousers or a leather skirt.

3.  Scarfs

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Back in the 50s and 60s, the head scarf dominated the fashion industry. This was because you can easily amp up your look with the help of a scarf without making it look overdone.

And now this trend is making a comeback. A silk fabric with floral or intricate design can add to the feminine trait of your look. You can also carry a sleek look by carrying block prints or solid coloured scarfs.

Three popular formats of wearing these scarfs were seen in fashion weeks. Either you can tie it up underneath your chin or let it hang loose, or let it hang behind your head.

4.  Pastel Colours

Pastel tones have most definitely dominated the fashion industry for a long time now. Quite appropriate for the Spring/Summer vibe, these colours go with every skin tone. Mint green, lavender, and powder blue have featured on the red carpet significantly.

These look chic specifically in co-ord sets or trench coats.

5.  White Knee High Boots

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Deriving inspiration from the Youth Revolution in mid-century, white knee high boots have received validation from Nancy Sinatra. They work particularly well with funky leggings, roll neck, or mini skirt/dress.

This will make you look like a fashion goddess even with a comfortable vibe.

6.  Yellow Bags

The easiest trend to replicate, carrying yellow bags is a timeless fashion statement. You can use a yellow bag to either amp up a monochromatic outfit or add another colour to a colourful look.

From duffle to tote to amber structured handbag, there is so much that can make your style high street.

7.  Blue Quirky Accessories

How cool will a pop up accessory look with a monochromatic look? This trend derives its inspiration from the same concept. Ranging from handbags to bucket hat, a popping blue colour featured with many basic looks.

The bright coloured added life to the dark tones of the outfit, usually black or grey. You can easily find these quirky accessories at H&M or Zara.

8.  Fringe Bags

When you do not want to experiment with your clothing pieces, handbag experimentation is the way to go. Fringing on bags is the most popular trend this fashion season. To create immense impact, people opted from fringes that touched the ground. To feel chic, this over-the-top design is all you need.

If you want to keep the colour scheme sleek, then opt for basics like black, beige, or brown. Or you can make your bag stand out by wearing a bright red or fuchsia pink counterpart.

In Essence

With approaching spring/summer seasons, colours are all that we need. Taking inspiration from SS21 fashion weeks, you can upgrade your style game by either investing into accessories or by trying quirky dresses.

More so, the fashion trends have derived a lot from the 80s and 90s and presented them in a fresh manner. You can look your chicest by doing the same. 

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